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Congratulations to our recent winners!


These are the lucky people who have recently received a free autographed copy, of my novels from the “of Love and War series.” 

L. Vila of Renton Wa.

H, Hunter of Okc. Okla.

A. Villanueva of Auburn Wa.

T. Upchurch of Ind. Mo.

D. Xing of Sea. Wa.

A. Cooper of Renton Wa.

C. Creson of Yukon Okla.

S. Matherly of Fairwood Wa.

P. Harrold of Stl. Mo.

K. Freebairn of Kent Wa.

J. Dinwiddie of Pdmt. Okla. 

A. Falivov of Sea. Wa.

K. Elfring of Okc. Okla.

B. K. of Indp. Mo.

N. Faletogo of Maple Valley Wa.

D. Waggoner of Yukon Okla.

A. Tkachev of Renton Wa.

C.  Nich. of Okc. Okla.

R. Head of Maple Valley Wa.

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