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"The Swede"

 You are about to inter the world of Hans Gruber and Sven Eriksson, the horrors they suffer in war and the passion they shared with the women they love.


The Swede is an amazing story based on a real romance, between two young lovers from Sweden. 

They are separated by war, and Hans fights to survive in desperate battle against overwhelming odds. 

But his biggest fight is to stay alive so that he can return to the woman he loves, and the child he has never seen.

 Will our courageous young hero survive the nightmare of war, and return to the arms of the woman he loves?

Or will their love be lost forever, to the fading pages of time?

Find out.

The "of Love and War" Series of Novels.


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  Love can’t conquer war, but can it survive one?

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 Love can't conquer war, but can it survive one?

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