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"The Urchin Warriors"

Kristian Ackmann, is a young German soldier in the elite 12th SS Hitler youth Panzer Division. 

He is given the assignment of defending Caen in France near the Normandy coast, against the inevitable allied invasion.

 On his way he meets Holly Petit, a beautiful and inviting young French girl.

They unexpectedly fall madly and passionately in love amid the chaos, and horrors of war. 

The romance these two young lovers share, must be hidden so that Holly will not suffer humiliating torment by her countrymen.

 This as well as being shunned, or worse, for collaborating with the enemy. 

The book is an exciting and action-packed story of a forbidden love, and the discovery of faith in a higher power.

 In the middle of the greatest war, the world has ever known.


 Love can’t conquer war, but can it survive one?

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The "of Love and War" Series of Novels.

“The Urchin Warriors”

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