Action, Romance and Death around Every Corner

"The Swede" Awarded for literary excellence!

Recently nominated for both the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence Award and The Eric Hoffer Award. This is an honor given to freethinking writers and independent books of exceptional merit. 


The "of Love and War" Series of Novels

"These stories (DO NOT) support, or condone Nazi ideology."

 They do tell of the romance, passion, and beauty in the lives of two young lovers. They share their story of a desperate struggle to keep themselves and their love alive when death is around every corner.  And the discovery of faith when forced to fight for a tyrannical mad man. 


Unbridled love can be challenging enough to hold on to, but in the middle of a world war, it can be deadly. 

The “of Love and War” series of novels are based on true stories, and actual events that will whisk you away to another time and place.

Stories of young lovers finding faith, and each other, after torn apart by the chaos and horrors of war.

And their desperate struggles to keep themselves, and their love alive. 

Love can’t conquer war, but can it survive one?

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