R. W. Nichelson


"of Love and War" 

Series of Novels

Why is the "of Love and War" Series so Controversial?


The German SS is a bit of a taboo subject and showing them in this light has not been done before. The SS have been portrayed as if every one of them were psychopathic killers and justifiably so, but it’s far from the truth. 

There were many men who volunteered in the SS purely to fight the Communists and were average Joe's like you and me. Many others were conscripted and forced to fight.

These stories show the human side of these men as they experience the horrors of war, and the pleasures of passion and romance they share with the women they love. 

Writing any story like these about men in the SS has been unthinkable, and showing them in this light is relatively unheard of. 

Some people freak out over this, but they are only the ones who have not read the books and have no knowledge of the fascinating stories within them.

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