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The Force of Love


A young Jewish man named David Weise finally weds the love of his life, a young German girl named Lina Mayer. The day following their wedding, Hitler decrees that there will be no racial mixing between Jews and ethnic Germans.

Jews and Germans to could no longer marry or have any physical relations between each other, non compliance would send both parties straight to a concentration camp or worse. 

David has to escape Berlin when Nazi’s begin rounding up the Jews to be sent to concentration camps and In desperation, David takes the identity of dead SS soldier allowing him to stay with Lina and keep himself from certain death.

David is sent to the Eastern front and fights in many dangerous and bloody battles, but when Berlin becomes encircled by the Russians David has to escape from the SS. 

David must find his young wife in the rubble of Berlin and attempt to reach the Americans lines before the Russians can catch them and inflict their deadly revenge. 

Will David and Emma reach the safety of the Americans lines, or will they to fall with Hitler and the Thousand year Reich.