The Urchin Warriors Sample Chapter

The Urchin Warriors


Chapter Twenty-Eight

At the first opportunity, Kristian decided to quietly leave the make shift field hospital, determined to see Holly again. Holly’s home was less than one kilometer away and normally the walk would not be that difficult, but Kristian’s ankle created a problem. How to get from the hospital to Holly’s house, without having to collapse reeling in pain from the walk when he got there. Kristian looked around the hospital for an available crutch or any other object he could use to aid him to walk on his bad leg as he made his way to the door of the building. Shoved to the side into a corner of the room, was a cane next to the body of a dead British officer. Kristian walked over to the dead man and curiously began looking him over. 

The officer was a middle-aged man with graying black hair and a face that was pleasant and inviting, like someone you would want to have as a friend. Kristian stood next to him and looked over his face, trying to learn every character and line on it. Kristian thought to himself that if he saw the British officer in the sights of his rifle he surely would have killed him without hesitation, but being this close to this dead brave man-made Kristian very sad, thinking of the men that he had killed on the battle field. Were they kind and loving fathers? Were they dedicated husbands or a mother’s promising son that was everything to her? These thoughts weighed heavy on Kristian’s mind and for the first time he experienced sympathy for his enemy.

Kristian put his hand on the British officer’s chest then closed his eyes and began to pray quietly so the other soldiers could not hear him. “God. I’m not sure if you are real or not, but I kind of hope that you are. This man looks like a good man and clearly, he was a brave man. I hope you allow soldiers to come to heaven; I’ve lost a lot of good friends and I hope that maybe one day I’ll get to see them again. I know soldiers have to do a lot of bad shit, but we don’t have much of a choice, being that it’s them or us, and I hope you can keep that in consideration. I’m not sure that I’m doing this praying stuff right, but I sure hope you hear me out. Anyway, thanks God…and uh…Jesus too.”

“That’s a funny way to pray, but I don’t think that God would care,” a woman’s voice said from behind Kristian. Hearing the woman’s unexpected comment coming from behind him surprised and embarrassed Kristian, but he noticed that the voice was vaguely familiar. Kristian turned around to face the woman and make a joke about praying but was again surprised to see that the voice came from Holly. She looked exhausted and her baby blue dress was covered with the blood of wounded and dying soldiers, but she still could work up the energy to give Kristian a loving smile. Kristian’s eyes drew open wide and the expression on his face went from the bowels of solemnness to the blissfulness of pure delight at seeing Holly once again. 

Kristian and Holly both lunged at each other, wrapping their arms around one another and kissing ferociously as if to devour each other. The large room filled with men moaning in agony and pain became silent; all of the eyes of the wounded men were joyfully upon Kristian and Holly. The two young lovers finally noticed the strange silence and looked around the room try to find the reason, then found that every soldier was staring at them with smiles from ear to ear. “Kiss her again,” one of the soldiers shouted. Kristian and Holly looked at each other smiling at the attention that they had attracted. “Yeah, kiss her again,” another soldier shouted. Then, the rest of the soldiers jumped in.

Kristian smiled at Holly, then went in for the kill. Kristian put his arm around Holly’s waist and pulled her to him with his right hand and grabbed a hand full of hair and gave it a light pull then, bent her back and began to kiss her passionately.

“Woo hoo,” one of the soldiers shouted. “Ho ho yeah,” another yelled as if they were home with the boys watching an old stag film. Kristian pulled Holly back up and relieved her from his tight embrace. “Okay,” Kristian shouted to the wounded, ribbing the men. “Shows over, back to the moaning.” 

“Boo,” an anonymous soldier shouted. 

Kristian looked at Holly with a smile and little chuckle. “Let’s get out of here” He grabbed Holly’s hand and began to lead her out of the building.

They left the hospital and walked around the corner of the building where several trucks were parked that were used to carry the wounded from battle at the front. There were two rows of trucks, four in each row. Kristian and Holly went in between two of the trucks and walked to the center of the parked vehicles. Holly leaned back on the hood of one of the parked trucks and Kristian stood there for a second, silently staring at her young beautiful face and glistening brown eyes. “I want to make love to you so bad, I can hardly take it,” Kristian told Holly with a look of pain on his face. 

“I want you too,” Holly confessed with a regretful sigh. 

Kristian looked into Holly’s eyes, his desire for her growing until finally reaching the blowing point of uncontrollable carnal desire. Kristian put his strong hands around Holly’s waist and pulled her up and roughly turned her over face down of the hood of the truck. Kristian’s sudden actions both frightened and excited Holly; the feeling of being man-handled felt sexually appealing somehow. Not rough and painful, just enough firmness to reinforce the fact that she was being made love to by a man.  

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