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The epic novel, "The Swede" captures the story of two young volunteers that show courage and spirit amidst chaos in the greatest war in history. The author allows you to experience an emotional rollercoaster ride with this controversial and touching story of young love amidst the horrors of war that is both inspiring and heartbreaking.

 With his avid passion for military history, author R. W. Nichelson weaves the lives and stories of two Swedish volunteers into a tapestry of determination, strength and commitment in this absorbing narrative based on a true story. "The Swede" hopes to showcase the lives, the loves, and the horrors of war through the eyes of two men.

 The 5th SS was an elite German fighting unit of the fearsome Waffen SS consisting of volunteers from all over Northern Europe. Though they suffered terrible casualties in the bloody combat on the Eastern Front, they were well known for their courage and dedication in battle. 

In "The Swede", readers will follow the story of Hans Gruber and Sven Eriksson, two volunteers from Sweden in the extremely fierce Wiking Division of the Waffen SS and the women they love longing for their safe return. 

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Get Ready For a Wild and exciting Ride?

An emotional roller coaster filled with action and passion. Love can conquer hate, but can it survive the greatest war in history? 

A Twist that will Blow.. You.. Away.

Prepare for a heart crusher you will never see coming, experience the feel of the proverbial deer in the headlights. 

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